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Children's Magic Show in Dulwich

On Saturday I did a wonderful Children's Magic Show in Dulwich (SE22). The child in question was dead keen on Magic and showed me some of his magic tricks when I arrived and was setting up. I in return showed him some close up magic which blew his and his older brothers mind.

They had set up the living room in a theatre style, with children at the front and adults on the chairs at the back. They had decorated it to make it look live a small magic theatre. The children were great and really got involved in the magic show and the grand father said it was the best children's party he had ever been to - I told him that this was high praise indeed as not only would he have gone to children's parties when he was a child, he would also have put on children's parties and magic shows for his son and now for his grandson.

Children's Magic Parties of All Ages

This weekend I had a mixed bag with the first on Friday up in Campden. This was for a six year old party. I then had a 9+ workshop themed party in Streatham on the Saturday and on the Sunday I had 4yr old party on the borders of Dulwich and Peckham. All went smoothly but had to really work with the 4yr old as there weren't that many of them and had to go down to there level. Met someone from West Norwood who was asking if it was me that was broken into in September as she had seen it in the papers - as it was the first time I had my snake basket back in action it doesn't seem so painful anymore. Have a Magic fundraising show up in North London on Friday night so planning to go from South London, via Brixton, Vaxhuall, Victoria, Westminster and Central London and then straight up past Notting Hill and Hyde Park. Need to take all the seats out of the car so that I can get my sawing in half box, Rubberneck and my Zig Zag into the car.

Fundraising Magic Show

On Friday I made my way up to Hertford (SG1) for a PTA Fundraising Show. Had a great run through Dulwich (SE23), Sydenham, Forest Hill, Catford, up through Lewisham, Blackheath, Greenwich and through the Blackwall tunnel. It was then an easy run up through North London and up to Hertford.

The biggest time factor for a Fundraising show is setting everything up from getting all the magic props, sawing in half boxes etc into the car and getting them set up again on the stage. I left at lunch time and stated setting up from 3.30pm and was finished by 5.30pm. The show started at 6.30pm and we were finished by 8.30pm. It then took another hour and a half to pack down and load into the car and ended up getting home around 11.30pm. By the time I had unloaded it was well past midnight but now I daren't leave anything overnight in the car (based on previous experiences)

The show went really well and lots of positive comments from parents and children alike, saying that they had all enjoyed it from the youngest at nursery and below to grandparents bringing their grandchildren along. Many asked for business cards. The show was sold out and they could have sold another 50 tickets but probably plan to run another one in the future.