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London Magician / Children's Entertainer in Schools

Had a busy weeks in Schools for various school Fundraisers. On Wednesday I had one in Clapham, on Thursday I had one in Bromley and Friday one in Sutton. The Magic Shows were all a great success and bascially all sold out. I did an elder 9+ Magic Show for the one in Clapham which went down a storm but they still loved the white rabbit.

On Saturday I had one show in East London. The children loved the Magic Show but unfortunately half the children turned up an hour late, just when I had finished!! A few tears but let them see the rabbit and made them all a balloon model that eased the situation a bit. On Sunday I was on more local turf and had a show in Dulwich above the Mag pub. A few older siblings that were more than happy to get involved in the Magic Show itself and also a few willing parents. This week a bit quieter due to half term.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer All Over

On Saturday I was doing a Magic Show for a Children's Birthday Party in Sutton. They had seen me at a school Fundraising Show and their son wanted me for his birthday party. They also wanted new material which was fine and the second half we did spinning plates and non - elimination games, dance routines etc which they all loved but were exhausted at the end (as was I)

On Sunday I started off in Maida Vale in the Paddington Recreation Ground. The son had looked at various Magician websites and decided that he liked mine the best and wanted me. He was so friendly and kept introducing me as "the best magician in the whole world"!!. He was more than happy to help and loved me getting the stress out of his mum. I then had to skirt around the London Marathon as I had a show in Camberwell. I had done the daugthers disco a few years ago and now their son (aged 4) wanted me to do a Magic Show. They loved it and especially the live white rabbit. At the end one boy thinking the pond (which was covered in duckweed) was grass jumped in and let everyone know when he was suddenly standing up to his armpits in water!!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Bank Holiday Weekend

On Saturday I went down to Winchester to drop my kids off as they were walking from Winchester to Alton (22 miles) for charity. They set off at 7.30am and I left them to come back to Croydon for a Children's Magic Show. It was in a nursery and packed with Adults and Children but the loved the show. Leaving there I then went to West Dulwich for a show that because of the weather was outside. It was on an Estate and seemed like all the neighbourhood came along. The girls loved the Live White Rabbit and wanted to keep it.

On the Sunday I went down to Farnham for the second day of the walk and then came back to Wimbledon for a garden party. It was a 60th and I was originally booked to keep the children entertained but in the end there were only a few kids there so I ended up doing Close Up Magic for the Adults, which they really appreciated. It's good to be flexible and glad I had my cards/coins with me.

London Magician / Children/s Entertainer Fundraising Show in Leamington Spa

On Friday evening I had a school Fundraising Show in Leamington Spa. They sold out a few days before the show and the hall was buzzing with anticipation. Luckily I didn't disappoint and below are the comments from the PTA Chair


Hi Simon

Just the briefest of emails to say a massive thank you for coming to our school on Friday night.  The whole evening was a huge success, and we're delighted your show gave our PTA the boost and kudos we were looking for!
Here are some of the comments from our PTA FB page:
Fab night at Magic Show. Great idea for pizza and hot dogs. Emily loved the joke/magic stall! Very well organised. Thank you
Well done to all the PTA and helpers, we had a fab night. Thanks again
Fantastic magic show - well done PTA - Theo can't stop talking about how he and Jacob pulled the magicians underpants off :-)
Fantastic night.  Nuff said Everything you provided to guide us and help us prepare for your visit was invaluable.  And you kept 220 adults and children entertained for 2 hours, a real achievement!
We'd love it if you came back, and we know we'd sell out in half the time!!

Hope you got back in reasonable time.
Best wishes