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Close Up Magic

This was an email I received today from the lady whose 60th Birthday I attended on Sunday and did Close Up Magic in the garden and the house.

Hi Simon.  

 I rang this morning and spoke to your wife who sounds very sweet.   I just want to say thank you so so much for performing at my birthday party on Sunday. You were absolutely amazing and everyone said how impressed they were and people are still wondering how you did various things. Some were very disappointed not to have witnessed the arm sawing event which was a big talking point.  

You certainly made it a very special birthday for me and as I say ever single person loved what you did and thought it all very impressive. You certainly lived up to my expectations and I would happily recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone and everyone who wants to have some fun and intrigue at their party.   I hope you found everyone to be receptive, participatory, appreciative and suitably impressed.   Thanks again.  


Kind regards Heather

London Magician / Children's Entertainer School Fundraisers

This week I had two school magic fundraisers, which were both sold out and both in Wallington, Surrey. Both PTA's were extremely happy with the response they had got and how easy it was for them to put it on and run as an event. Both have also said they want to run them again next year.

Children's Entertainer London

On Saturday I had a Children's Magic Show in Nunhead in Dulwich. The children were a delight and were impeccably behaved. They had seen me before recently at another Magic Show, so this time we rotatated some of the Magic which went down well but couldn't leave out the Live White Rabbit or the Smelly Sock Sweets!!

On Sunday I took my son to Wembley to see the Carlsberg Trophy Final. Wrexham v's Grimsby, as I've supported Wrexham (my local club growing up) since a boy. Great Game, 1- 1 after Extra Time and it went to Penalties, where Wrexham went on to win it 4 -1  (Pure MAGIC)

Today I ran my last of the terms Magic Club at Dulwich Hamlet School. They had to put on a performance from some of the magic they had learned this term. The kids were really great and put on a great Magic Show for their parents - made me feel very proud of them and their achievements.

Children's Entertainer London

London Magician / Children's Entertainer 9+ Party

Easter Weekend is always quite and this year was no exception. I had one show on the Saturday in Tooting for an Indian family. Although the majoirity of the children where around 10 there were also some 6 - 8 yrs old as well. I did my normal 9+ Magic which appeals to this age. We take out the Izzy Whizzy. Let's Get Busy shouting and basically do Close Up Magic that happens in their hands. They were completely amazed and sat gobsmacked for about an hour. They were really into the money tricks and loved the Money Making Machine.

After some tea we did some Spinning Plates and some party games aged at their age group which they really loved. Time flew by and when I left they were really sad and disappointed that I was going and they wanted more. Nice to be in demand and appreciated.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Traffic Woes

On Saturday I had a three year old birthday Party in Dulwich. They really loved the Magic Show and all of them were prepared to get up and have a go (there was no holding them back). Lots of screaming and shouting and even more fits of giggles and laughter. They loved the white rabbit. I then had plenty of time to get up to North London for a 9+ Magic - however as soon as I got to Highgate Hill I found that the road had been closed as their was a demonstration about the potential closure of Whittington Hospital. There were about 5,000 people demonstrating on the street and all the traffic had been diverted. It was a log jam and took me about and hour and a half to go about 1 mile. Eventually made it to the party in North London with about 10 minutes to spare. You never know when going from A - B in London what is going to be around the next corner and this is always a Magicians nightmare.

The 9+ Magic show was a great hit and the girls loved coming up and getting involved in Close Up Magic, with the Cards, Coins, Ropes. They especially loved the Money Making Machine and all wanted one for their next birthdays!! On Sunday I had something in Herne Hill - so again on my doorstep. They loved the Magic Show but also the games and were all wanting more water by the end of all the fun, games and dancing as they were so thirsty.

Midweek I went up to North Finchley for a school Magic Show. Year Two had been studying Magic and they wanted a Magician to come at the end of their studies. The whole school was allowed to come (all 250 of them) but they were all very well behaved (lots of teachers in the room) and laughed their heads off during the Magic Show.


Children's Entertainer South London