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London Magician / Children's Entertainer Mixed Bag

This week provided a very mixed bag. On Friday I had a School Fundraising Magic Show which was sold out. As it was in West Norwood and less than a mile from home it was a bonus. It provided great fun for the Adults and Children - especially when their teacher was sawn in half!!

Children's Birthday Party Entertainer

On Saturday I had a children's Birthday party in East London (Clerkenwell). We did an hour and a half and the kids loved the Magic Show and the Fun and games afterwards. By the end there was some very red faces and a lot of thirsty kids.

In the Evening I had a close up magic show for a 60th Birthday Party in Regent Street in Central London. It was in a private room and they really enjoyed the Fun Quiz (although no one won the money) and enjoyed the Magic - especially the teenagers who were all willing to get involved. The parking was however a nightmare as the whole of Regent Street is being dug up for water mains repairs.

On Sunday I had a Children's Birthday Party in Chiswick. They loved the Magic and were keen to participate (sometimes too keen) but they all wanted to hold the Live White Rabbit at the end of the Magic Show and have their pictures taken with it.


Children's Entertainer South London

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Half Term

Being half term you never know quite how busy things are going to be - but had a show on Friday in Tooting for a children's Magic Show, followed by a 1st Birthday on Saturday in Ealing. Being a first birthday you get all ages and quite often the adults. This time all the adults watched the show and got lots of positive feedback from the parents saying that they had enjoyed it as much as the children. I also did some Close Up Magic to the adults that went down really well and was asked for lots of business cards.

On Sunday I had a Magic Show for a Children's Party in Bermondsey. I had done the birthday boy's party when he was four and when they tried to book me last year they found I was already booked so made sure this year by booking me really early on. Again lots of participation from the adults and one lady held Fluffy the White Rabbit for the entire second half. She also went out to find some grass and leaves to give it so Fluffy felt lots of love and special attention.

Most magicians I know didn't go to the Blackpool Magic Conference this year and will try to make it next year. Also had a few enquires for Close Up Magic. One said that she had booked me a few years ago for her 40th Birthday and now wanted me back again for another special occasion as she said my Close Up Magic had been "great". Also may have one coming up for a Hen Party in Dulwich.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer all over London

This week saw me travel all over London. On Tuesday after running my Magic Club in Duwich Hamlet School, I went up to Chalk Hill in North London. Had been told that they had seen me before recently and as soon as I came in one child said she had seen me recently at her friends party. Another one recognised the Rabbit production box and because I had been forewarned I changed most of the show. They really loved it and because they were 8, I basically did a 9+ without all the scary bits. They loved it - especially the Money Making Machine and my Magic Piggy Bank which kept producing money.

On Saturday I was in Barnes for a Children's Birthday Party. It was in a church hall on the main street which meant parking was no existant and meant I had to walk with all my Magic Props. The show went down well and the birthday boy was in his element as he helped during the Magic Show. They really loved the Spinning Plates and Interactive Fun & Games afterwards.

On Sunday I went to a house near Camberwell. I had been there twice before for their older children and was now back for a 8yr (boy) and 4yr (girl) old party. As you can imagine their was a huge age gap at 4 and 8 and the older boy had had me at his 6th Birthday. Again I had to think on my feet and alternated between the groups as to what magic I performed. On reflection the boys enjoyed all that I did for the girls and vice versa and shows that Magic can really span the ages. On my way out the mum was very grateful and said she looked forward to seeing me again in the future!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Half Term

With Half Term starting parties quieten down a bit as people are away, their friends are away but still life goes on. On Saturday I had a Children's Birthday Party in Dulwich and as soon as I got there I recognised some of the parents and some of the children, from other Magic Shows I've done in the area. It was a while since I've seen them and changed a few bits to the Magic Show but it was predominately the same Magic Show - however they all loved it just as much, if not more. It amazes me for example how many times they can watch the same video of "Barney" or "Scooby Doo" and enjoy it every time - even when they know, what things are going to happen and when they are going to happen. I suppose it takes some of the scare factor away from it and there is comfort knowing what is coming next etc. Got asked for lots of business cards from mums with children that have reached their teens and are looking for something a bit different. Explained the 9+ Magic Shows and what they involve and am sure will be seeing some of them again soon.

On Sunday I was in the Roehampton Club, again for a children's party. They were three years old and quite nervous - I think I would have been nervous at that age as well - but they really got into the Magic Show and by being very gentle and treating them with kid gloves they were soon rolling about the floor in fits of laughter. They especially loved the Live White Rabbit at the end and all wanted to take it home with them.