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London Magician / Children's Entertainer Car Troubles

On Saturday I had a Childrens' Magic Show in Gypsy Hill. I know someone very well that recommended me after she found her friend was looking for a children's entertainer. She is also encouraging her to put on a PTA fundraising show at their school, which she was also very interested in. The kids were quite lively but really enjoyed the show and especially the live white rabbit at the end. They all wanted to take it home!!

On Sunday I had my first show in Sydenham. Having left plenty of good time, got in the car and turned the key but no joy. It just made a whirring noise. Tried for about 20 minutes to get it going but finally had to give up. Called my wife to bring the kids back home and took her car. As it was I just made it in time. The kids were great and they fully participated in the Magic Show. Afterwards I had to head up to Wembley for a show starting 90 mins later. As it was 18 miles it was about the limit and after getting held up in Central London I finally arrived with about 5 mins to spare. It was for a 1st Birthday and a mixture of ages from 2 - 12 so we did a family show, which went down really well, not only with the kids but also the adults, who were very respectful and sat and watched. Arrived back home at about 4.30pm and tried my car one more time - as if by magic it started first time!!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Snow Joke

With the first snow of the winter I had a flurry of calls from anxious parents about whether I would make it to their party or not, however I also got a few calls from other London Magicians asking if I could take their Magic Shows becasue they weren't prepared to travel in the weather conditions. One was on a motorbike and so I have some sympathy but to be honsest the main roads were fine and arrived at all my shows in good time. I remember about two years ago, when it was really bad, I had a job by Heathrow Airport. I left early as I knew it was going to be difficult and after two and a half hours I arrived at the venue. As I turned the engine off I got a call from the Client saying she was cancelling because nobody could get there - even though I had just covered 17 miles that was the end of the story.

On Saturday I had a show in Richmond in the London Welsh Rugby Club - lots of 4/5 year old kids and they loved the Magic Show as much as their parents. They especially loved the live white rabbit and many wanted to take it home with them. Birthday boy was full of beans but prefer it this way, than if they are more resevered. I then went to Balham for an 8yr old girls birthday party. I met them on the street about 3 months ago and gave them a Flamming Business Card (on Fire) and from this they decided to book me. With about 20 girls very excited they really let their hair down during the dancing and Fun and Games.

On Sunday I was in Dulwich - which I was grateful for as I didn't want to go to far in the snow. It was for a group of four year olds and I have to say they were quite nervous of me and reserved but really came to life when the Rabbit came out. We put it on the floor and it was hopping around much to the delight of the children.


London Magician / Children's Entertainer - Local in Dulwich

This weekend was grateful that all the snow had gone and made travelling around London much easier - however I was basically local in Dulwich so this was also a bonus. On Saturday I was back in St. Faith's Centre. Having not been there recently it now seems that I'm almost there on a weekly basis. Was there for a joint birthday party and the Magic Show went down really well - all the adults sat and watched - no background noise and got lots of comments afterwards about how much they had enjoyed the Magic and the Live White Rabbit. They (the adults) also really got involved in the plate spinning and the fun and games, which was really great. Got lots of requests afterwards for business cards, which is always a good sign.

On Sunday I was up in the City, near Fenchurch Street at the Double Tree Hilton for a company that was thanking their employees by treating their famiies to a day out in London. They could get tickets to go to an attractionof their choice but had a breakfast first. There were face painters and me to really provide Close Up Magic to the older children and adutls and to do a few balloon models for the younger kids. Great place to do it as there were lots of tables at about one metre high - ideal for props and cards etc. Lots of "Oh My God" reactions from the teenagers which was good.

I then had another chidren's party in Dulwich in the afternoon. In a house and lots of family and friends there as well as older brothers and sisters. Although they were only four and five they really got into the magic and the "Izzy Whizzy Lets Get Busy". Again lots of adult participation which the kids really enjoyed.

Magician in London / Children's Entertainer at The Magic Circle & new car worries

On Monday I was up at The Magic Circle and saw an interesting lecture by Scot Penrose - the Vice President of the Magic Circle. It was all to do with fire magic and now have an idea to go back to a trick I used to perform but stopped for various reasons.

On Saturday I had a Magic Show in West Norwood - the joy of having to travel less than a mile was great. Parking was an issue and the new car wouldn't start but eventually managed to get it going. They didn't want balloons so we did some plate spinning at the end which went down well. On Sunday I had another Children's Birthday Party in Streatham - again on my door step - however it was on the Streatham High Road and parking was a nightmare. Had to drop off my Magic Props and then go and find parking. I'm now using a voice amplifier which was great because it was in a restaurant and it was quite noisy. Over 20 girls and one boy!! - all loved the show and one girl was laughing so much that tears of joy came streaming (and I mean streaming) down her face. They all loved the Live White Rabbit and had lots of offers to give it a home!!

This week I start my Magic Club in Dulwich so have to go and prepare some new lessons to teach them this term.

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