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London Magician / Children's Entertainer - Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Back with a bang - literally - was going to a Magic Show in Hendon and when I go to Paddington the car started playing up. Pulled into a garage but couldn't see a problem and started again but the car wouldn't move. Basically the gear box had gone and it was the end of the road. Called the client and after arranging a tow, I took a taxi the last six miles. Did the show - the Client was very happy that I got there and then had to take a taxi back to West Norwood - not a great day financially on all accounts.

On Saturday I had a show in Nunhead for a children's party. Have been to the Nuns Head a few times recently and the parents were amazed how from the first minute the children sat still - completely transfixed for the next hour. They loved the Live White Rabbit.

New Year Magician London

On Sunday I had to go up to Greenwich for a Magic Show. There were some very excited young boys (who had ants in their pants) and a very shy girl, who to begin with wouldn't come into the same room as me. She sat with her mum in the hall and every time I looked she was in fits of laughter. After a while her mum was able to leave her, which was a huge step forward. They loved all the fun and games and the birthday boy got really involved in the Magic - especially get rid of his mums stress.

Kids Magic Show London

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Xmas Time

I guess for Magicians in London (and everywhere) it's now Harvest time. Not only are their the regular children's parties but you also have all the schools, having a Xmas Magic Shows, Office Parties, New Year Parties, Close Up Magic at Xmas Dinners etc. On Tuesday I had my Magic Club Performance in Dulwich Village Hall. All the kids were brillant and got a lot of support from their parents. Great to see a terms practice and Magic pay off.

On Thursday I had a Magic Fundraising Show in Balham (SW12) which sold out in 3 days. The hall was full and the kids (and older kids) had a great time at the Magic Show. They loved the Magic, Comedy and the Live White Rabbit, because it sold out so quickly and it was such a success they will probably put another one on, in the New Year.

Magic Show at School

On Friday I had school disco up in Woolwich. I've been going there for over 5 yrs now and they generally put on a couple a year. The love the diversity of it all, apart from the Disco, we did Spinning Plates, Dance Competitions, Non Elimination Games, Rubbish Game and ReCycling Game, The Limbo, The Conga - The list goes on. All the kids young and old had a great time.

On Saturday I had a Magic Show in Wimbledon for a children's Birthday Party. They loved the show and the birthday girl was a star. They loved the Magic Show and had a riot (in a good sense) during the fun and games. I then had a Close Up Magic Show in Catford. It was for a bunch of teenage boys. By the end of the show I had them eating out of the palm of my hand, as they sat in awe and amazement. The especially loved the knife through arm (that's boys for you).

On Sunday I had a show in Sutton for a boy that was leaving to go back to Ghana. It was also his birthday. He loved being the centre of attention and they all loved the Magic Show. It was in a brand new school and all the kids sat on the steps (so it was like a cinema effect). They all loved the Balloon Sword game and so did their parents.

On Monday I have a show in a Nursery for a couple of hours in Honour Oak Park. As said at the begining it's Harvest Time.


Kids Magic Show London

London Magician / Children's Entertainer in London Schools

This week I've done a lot Magic in schools for Xmas Parties. On Monday I had a show in Honor Oak (SE23), on Tuesday two Magic Shows in Clapham, on Thursday one in East London (E17) and then afterwards in Pinner (HA5). By the weekend I was back to doing regular birthday parties.

On Saturday I had two shows in the same hall in Sanderstead (CR2)!! One was for a 6yr old party and the second one was for an 11yr old. Both went down really well and it was nice not to have to load everything in the car and drive across London. On Sunday I did another Xmas party for the Royal British Legion Branch up in Chingford. So as you can see I've really been a magician in London this week, going North to South and East to West.

Today I'm off to Oxford to the University for the fellows Xmas party. I did it last year and in Magdalen College they have this wonderful Hall which is very Harry Potterish and looks like the dinning hall in Hogwarts. They have a lovely log fire and a huge Xmas tree. Lovely venue and lovely place.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer

On Friday I did a School Fundraising Magic Show for the PTA at Virgo Fidelis School in Croydon. It was also open to the public and a few of my magic club members came along to watch the show. The PTA were very happy with the show and even happier that it was an event they had to put v. little into, before or on the day, so they could just sit back and relax and enjoy it all. Kids loved it - especially all those that got to come on stage and help with all the Magic.

On Saturday I had to be up early as I had a Children's Magic Show in Dulwich. It was for a 4yrs old birthday party and they just lapped it up. Even one parent (whose child was at the party) came up and thanked me at the end for making it "so special". I then had another Magic Show in Forest Hill for a 3yr old birthday party. However, the birthday boy was the youngest there and the kids ran all the way up to teenagers. I did a family show - which the 3yr old loved and couldn't stop laughing and was enthralled by the White Rabbit - he wanted to keep it.

On Sunday I had another show in Dulwich on the street where I've done a few street parties. I've done their other children when they were five and all the birthday boy wanted for his party was "Amigo". Even though it was a small place we got through the fun and games and everybody had a ball.

On Tuesday we have our Magic performance in Dulwich Village Hall for all those in my magic club, for their family and friends. From this week it becomes Summer Time for London Magicians and Children's Entertainers and have had lots of enquiries from schools and nurseries to come and perform in their schools for an end of term party.