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Family Magic show this Friday

Professional Magician Simon Rosselli of Amigo’s Magic and The Worlds Famous Magic Circle will be putting on his Family Magic & Comedy Show on Friday the 30th November at 5.30pm at Virgo Fedelis Prep School, 147 Central Hill, London SE19 1RS. Doors open 5.30pm – show is from 6 – 8pm with a 30 minute interval.
Here’s what you’ll experience
  • Funny & Amazing Magic with Full Audience/Children Participation
  • Head Expanding & Shrinking Illusion
  • Live Animals from Thin Air
  • One Lucky Teacher to be Cut in Half
  • Another Lucky Teacher to have their Stress Removed
  • One Lucky Child to be Float in the Air
  • Chance to win a Magic Set
  • Free Bunny Copter for Every Child
  • Meet Fluffy the Rabbit during the interval
Tickets prices are Adults £6 and Children £4
For more details please call Amigo’s Magic on 0208 480 8176 or visit
This is one of our Fundraising Shows for the PTA but they have about 100 tickets available to the general Public. If you would like tickets let me know and I’ll put you on the list. This will be on a first come first served basis.

Magician in London / Children's Entertainer Lord Mayor's Show

On Saturday I had a Children's Party in Wimbledon. I had been to the hall before and arrived in good time as I had to get to West London afterwards. The kids were great and the birthday boy had a ball and the Magic Show went down well. Mum had colour co ordinated everything in Black and White and had even made Dice for Table decorations. I had to leave on time as I had to go through Central London to get to the next party.

I had checked for football matches (Fulham, Chelsea and QPR but all were playing away or on Sunday) but then I found out about the Lord Mayors Show which gridlocked the whole of Central London. Luckily I had Tom Tom with Live Traffic and was able to re route and arrived just in time at a sports hall in West London. The kids were slightly older but all joined in the fun and got their parents involved.

Today I had a Magic Show in Sutton for a children's party. They had a bouncy Castle and a Disco before I arrived. The show went well and afterwards I got a couple of adults asking for business cards saying "Anyone who can keep 30 kids still for and hour, has to be worth their money". The birthday gilr mum was also very happy and said she would hand out my details to all parents. The kids especially loved the Live White Rabbit.

On Thursday I was a Streatham and Clapham High School teaching the Magic of Maths. which looks at probabilities in cards, dice and magic principles. At the end we did a Magic Square which blew them away.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer

On Saturday I had back to back shows - all within three miles of my home (West Norwood) which was a blessing and meant I wasn't driving through Central London and heading up to Harrow and N. London. Prepared to go anywhere as work is work but it's nice when you are on your doorstep.

The first show was near Crystal Palace and in the morning - I knew in the afternoon Palace were playing football and wanted to get away before the crowds arrived. It was for a group of slightly older kids so we did some of the normal show and some of the 9+ and mixed it up a bit. The kids were so excited by the Magic, the Spinning Plates and the Fun and games and even though we were in quite a cramped area they were able to really jump and dance about.

The second Show was in Herne Hill in a Church Hall which I've done before. Parking is a nightmare as there is none but managed to get one place only to find that the car who I'd parked behind wanted to leave as soon as I got out of the car. Again the birthday girl was full of beans, introducing me to her friends. The show went well and they loved the Live White Rabbit.

On Sunday I had a show in Nunhead (Dulwich) in the Nun's Head. Wonderful old pub with lots of character. Only issue is that it's busy and getting equipment through the pub and up the stairs to the private room can be a bit of a challenge. There were about 30 kids and about 20 adults. Normally I have issues with adults staying as they can talk and the noise builds up and even though I have a loud voice, things get lost and the children miss out. I have ways of dealing with this but normally the noise returns after about 5 mins, because of this I've now bought a belt amp which should arrive today.

I was beginning to think i was going to have problems but when I asked the parents to be quite they were as good as gold and didn't speak for the entire show - thank you and they all get a house point.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer in Sickness and in Health

On Saturday I had a Magic show in Dulwich at Alleyn's Junior School. It was for a children's birthday party and the birthday boy was so happy and excited to see me. He had loads of questions, wanted to get up and help with every single trick and was a real joy. The kids all loved the Magic Show and the fun and games afterwards. Whilst I was packing up the parents came over and said that they had heard good things but "that exceeded our expectations" which was nice to hear.

On Sunday I had another Magic Show in the Goose Green Centre in Dulwich. I've been a few times and it's a great hall with a small stage. However I woke at 5am with a big tummy ache which got worse and worse and by 6am I was in the bathroom being sick. I was then sick on the hour, every hour for about the next five hours. I could hardly stand at one point and tried to call around and get someone to cover me - alas everyone I called was busy. After about the 8th visit to the bathroom I felt mildly better although very weak and decided that I'd rather do the show than let them down.

I explained how I was and they were very kind and went home and  got some medicine. By not making any sudden movements seemed to help and I started the show but could feel things brewing in my stomach. By the time the kids were ready to come and see the Live White Rabbit I passed it to one of the parents and made a quick exit for the toilets. Came back, made some balloons and came back home to bed.

Must be a dilemma for many magicians when they get sick. Do they a) Cancel b) find someone to cover or c) go out even if they feel worse for wear. I know if I was a parent expecting a children's entertainer to come and entertain 30 kids and got a phone call on the day of the party how I would feel and for this reason I know it was the right thing to do.