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Magicians in London / Children's Entertainers Traffic Issues

Yesterday I was meant to have a Halloween Party in Mill Hill. As it was across London, I set off in plenty of time and had a good run through Brixton and South London and into Central London. Everything was going fine until I hit Golders Green, just past Hampstead, where it was wall to wall traffic. Having Live Traffic on my Tom Tom I quickly re routed but soon got stuck again. Re routed and hit traffic again. Which ever way I turned I found myself stationary. It took over an hour to go about a mile. I called the client to tet them know and then said I would continue and call back in another 20 minutes to let them know how I was getting on. 20 Minutes later I was about half a mile further down the road and in the end had to call back and accept that unless I had a Magic Carpet I was not going to get there. This is the first time that I've not made a Magic Show due to traffic. The only other time was when my fan belt broke and I had to be towed back home. I've even been clamped and still made a show. Magicians and Children's Entertainers in London face this on a weekly basis. Tom Tom Live Traffic is a huge help but not infallible. Eventually made it back home about four hours after setting off!!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer School Fundraising Show in West Wickham

On Friday I did a school Fundraising Show in West Wickham. The hall was packed and the kids and adults enjoyed it as much as each other. One adult came to me at the end and said the evening had been "Classic" and the "best and funniest nigh he'd had for years". Of course they all enjoyed meeting Fluffy the Live White Rabbit and took time with all the parents wanting pictures. Ended up having a nose bleed in the second half but as they say the "Magic Show must go on".

On Saturday I had a Children's Party in Dulwich. They had seen me as the Children's Entertainer at the Dulwich Park Fair in May and had taken a card. They had loved the Magic Show so much they wanted me for their daughters party. What was really nice was that the adults got involved as much as the children - especially in the fun and games and plate spinning.

On Sunday I had a Magic Show Cabaret for a 30 yr old's birthday party in Harrow. It was a range of ages from 8 all the way up. The thing about magic is that it transends the ages and everyone can enjoy it - young and old. We are all children at heart

Magician in London / Children's Entertainer Wedding Magician

On Saturday I had a Wedding in the Croydon area. They wanted a London Close Up Magician that could go around the tables for an hour and then take the kids off for an hour, whilst the speeches were taking place, to entertain the kids, whilst they listened to the speeches in peace and quite. As with life, things change and you have to be adaptable. After 30 mins of doing Close Up Magic to the tables the speeches were due to begin so I took the kids off and did a children's Magic Show and kept them entertained for an hour. When we went back down, all the guests had gone from the dinning room and were now in the Lounge area so I continued to do some magic in the bar area.

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They had a photographer and a video cameraman, so I hope to get some good pictures and possibly a copy of magic on the videos. The adults really enjoyed the Close Up Magic and one (there's always one) tried to play the Devils Advocate and cheat and work it out, mess up the trick etc. However it didn't work and in the end he gave me a high five with "Respect".

On Sunday I was doing a children's birthday party in Dulwich. It was for a four year old birthday party and wanted something aimed at this age group. They sat transfixed for 45 mins before they came up to meet the Live White Rabbit and get their balloon models. Even the adults enjoyed the Magic Show.

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London Magician / Children's Entertainer in Richmond and Dulwich

On Saturday I had a Magic show in Richmond for a children's party. I drove through Richmond park, which is beautiful at this time of year, with all the leaves changing colour and all the deer roaming around. It was a beautiful sunny day amazed at how big some of the stags are. They wanted a children's entertainer for an hour and a half and for the first 30 minutes the kids were arriving and playing outside.

They came in and were captivated by the Magic Show and loved the drilling through a parent and pouring water from one side to the other, in order to remove the persons stress. One parent sat and watched the whole show and laughed as much as the kids, at all the jokes and silly business. I often think that Magicians in London and elsewhere don't play up enough to the adults and always have some jokes in the Magic Show which are above the kids heads but the parents enjoy.

On Sunday I was in Dulwich for another children's party. They were a mixture of ages from 2 - 7 but sat and watched the magic show with open mouths. The birthday boy loved being the centre of attention and was delighted with the Live White Rabbit.

Am now starting to prepare for the Fundraising Magic show which I have in Wickham on Friday It's going to be a long day as I have two shows back to back of an hour and a half each!!!