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London Magician / Children's Entertainer seeing double

On Monday I had a Magic Show in a nursery in Thronton Heath. It was for their leaving party and I did it last year and it was such a success they invited me back. Again there were about 60 kids raning from 2 - 6. There were also alot of adults. During the show by Magic we managed to make two live white rabbits which went down very well and the line to see them at the end and get their pictures taken with them seemed to go on forever but eventually came to an end.

Yesterday I had a show at the Albrighton Community Centre in Dog Kennel Hill (SE22). It was for a seven year old party and they were a few boistorus boys but once the magic show started they sat and behaved and were very engaged in the whole show. We also had the older sister to come up and help a couple of times - especially getting rid of the stress from her mum!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer end of term

This week I've been involved in lots of end of year shows. On Tuesday we had our Magic Show Performance at Dulwich Hamlet for our Magic Club. The kids were great and had practiced well so there were no mistakes and all went according to plan. The parents and children should be very proud of themselves.

On Thursday I had a Magic Show in Peckham for a childs party - I had done a class mates party a week before so we did a completely different Magic show which kept all the kids on the edge of their seats

On Friday I had a school Disco up in Greenwich. I've done the school Disco now there for about five years and they never tire of the fun and games. We do two a year (summer and winter) so getting to know some of the kids by now.

On Saturday the hottest day of the year I went to Kingswood for a 70th birthday party. I spent 45mins doing Close Up Magic at the tables and then another 45 mins with the kids when the speeches were taking place. This suited both the adults and the kids!! I then went up to Balham for another Magic Show - haven't been to that hall for years but it was nice to find some shade in the back for me and the rabbit.

On Sunday I had a Magic Show in Peckham Park in the picnic area. Again haven't been to that venue for years but again quite nice to be doing it in the shade. Because it was an open area and there were four birthdays taking place we seem to be invaded by one and all and by the end had about 100 children when we started off with 20!! The Power of Magic!!

London Magician / Children's Entertainer back in the UK

Spent last five days in Venice with an old friend and good to catch up on old times. Came back on Friday night midnight before getting ready for my first Magic show of the day in Streatham (SW2) - it was for a Children's Party and they were twin boys. They had a great time during the Magic Show and during the Interactive Fun and Games. Afterwards I went to another Magic Show in Dulwich (SE22) and they were a great bunch of kids who really loved the Magic Show and especially the Live White Rabbit. Was quite glad to get home as with all the travelling and energy put into the shows I was quite exhausted.

On Sunday I had a Magic Show at a 1st Birthday in Sanderstead (near Croydon) - only a few children but the adults all came and sat and watched and laughed as much as the children at the Magic Show. Even the birthday child kept laughing when she touched the Rabbit.

Next Week I have a Pre - School that have rebooked me from last year as they loved the Magic Show so much in Thornton Heath and then off to Southend on Sea for an annual Camping Trip - although I have picked up a couple of bookings for Magic Shows from the area due to the advertising on the side of my car.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer rebooked again and Adult Patter

On Saturday I had a Magic Show for a house warming in Dulwich. I've been to the house a couple of times but they had been doing it up and now wanted to invite all their friends around. Due to the fact they'd seen me a couple of times they really wanted something special for their friends. The Magic Show was mainly aimed at the children but almost had as many adults watching it. Lots of positive comments form the parents afterwards and afterwards went to a childrens birthday Party in Camberwell. They loved the Magic and the Live white Rabbit. On Sunday I had a Magic Show in Islington at a children's nursery. As the age was mainly 4 I have some specific tricks for this age group. A lot of the adults were there too and they also loved the show and one grandmother said afterwards that she had thoroughly enjoyed the show but felt some of it had gone of the children's heads. I asked her what she meant and realised she was talking about all the patter that I put in for the adults. I told her that was for the older kids which then cleared up her misunderstanding!! You really need to aim some patter at the parents so they get involved (go and see Shrek and you will see what I mean) a lot flies over the kids head but the adults love it - much better than have them getting bored and then talking at the back!!