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London Magician / Children's Entertainer same kids next day

On Saturday I had a show in Dulwich in a church hall. The lady that booked me wrote to me today saying

Hi Simon I just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving Sophia and Theo such a memorable party yesterday.  We thought you were going to be good but you were just amazing! We couldn't  believe that you managed to keep all of the kids attention for 2 hours and kept everything running to time and with no fuss or assistance from us required. We couldn't have asked for more from you! Thanks again Ann

On the way out I met someone who said that I was coming to their house the next day. Due to the fact that it was the next day and mainly the same group of children, I then did everything completely differently - from the Rabbit Production to the whole Magic Show. Got lots of comments from parents who had seen both shows and were impressed that the shows were completely different but had thoughly enjoyed both Magic Shows and the humour in them.

On Wednesday I had the second half of my school fundraising magic show in Sutton. It was the second half as the first show had to be cancelled after the first half in February due to one child being taken ill in the interval. All the kids came back with their original tickets and a great time was had by all. We also had extras that turned up on the day as they had heard the first show had been such a success. This time I used two rabbits in the show which went down really well.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer out and about

Back after the half term with a Bang. On Tuesday was back at Dulwich Hamlet Primary School for the Magic Club. Even one teacher came along to learn some new magic tricks and to see how the class was getting along. They all wanted to show him their latest Magic that they had learn't, along with all their Magic Props.

On Thursday I had a nursery in Stockwell - it was aptly named the Magic Roundabout Nursery. We split them into two groups - one tiny tots and the others preschoolers. Both groups were very engaged during the shows and they both loved the Magic Shows and especially the Live White Rabbits at the end. In the end we overran as they all had to line up to stroke and pet the rabbits.

On Saturday I was all over London with various Magic Shows. Firstly I had to go to Hackney for a children's birthday party, after the Magic Show I then had to hot foot it to Merton to do a Holy Communion Celebration the Premier Inn. As it was adults and children of all shapes and sizes we did a family magic Show which went down really well. The adults also had a good time with the spinning plates.

On Sunday I had couple of Magic Shows more locally. One in Peckham and one in Tulse Hill. The kids and adults were both very happy with the Magic Shows and below is a comment that was posted on the East Dulwich Forum.


I definitely recommend Simon Rosseli. He did a very good job for the 5th birthday of my son. He was perfect a very great magic show, children were very happy with their sword ballons, sweets ....  They were very impressed about the rabbit's trick ! Everything was perfect.
Many thanks Simon !

London Magician / Children's Entertainer soaked through

On Friday I had some Close Up Magic for a garden party in Dulwich College. It was to celebrate the leavers from the Boarding House as they had finished their A Levels. After being a pretty miserable week the sun came out for the duration of the party and it was a lovely summers evening. Lots of the adults new me from Children's Magic Shows and were happy to see something on their level. The students were mainly Asian but were up for a good time and happy to get involved, especially when money was involved.

The next day I was up in Highgate for a Children's Magic Show and it was in a one o'clock club in the Peggy Jay Centre. This was a few minutes walk from the car park. As I left to make the trip the heavens opened and I was soaked from Head to Foot. Just about dried off during the show and then had to dodge the showers on the way back (which I failed). Got the job as they'd seen me at a friends party and were impressed and on this basis they booked me for their son's birthday party. I did meet the original mum who said she'd enjoyed the show and was happy to see some new Magic Tricks. Whilst we were talking another couple of parents came and asked for business cards so can see myself making the trek up to Highgate in the not too distant future.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Feedback

Today I received this feedback!!!!!


Hi Simon,
I left you a review on Freeindex.  Sorry it was late posting.
Thank you again for helping to make Esther's party a special day.  We went to a party on Sunday where another magician performed and he was nowhere near as good as you, he really struggled to keep the children's attention.  Soooo glad I did not book him.