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London Magician / Children's Entertainer rebooked again and Adult Patter

On Saturday I had a Magic Show for a house warming in Dulwich. I've been to the house a couple of times but they had been doing it up and now wanted to invite all their friends around. Due to the fact they'd seen me a couple of times they really wanted something special for their friends. The Magic Show was mainly aimed at the children but almost had as many adults watching it. Lots of positive comments form the parents afterwards and afterwards went to a childrens birthday Party in Camberwell. They loved the Magic and the Live white Rabbit. On Sunday I had a Magic Show in Islington at a children's nursery. As the age was mainly 4 I have some specific tricks for this age group. A lot of the adults were there too and they also loved the show and one grandmother said afterwards that she had thoroughly enjoyed the show but felt some of it had gone of the children's heads. I asked her what she meant and realised she was talking about all the patter that I put in for the adults. I told her that was for the older kids which then cleared up her misunderstanding!! You really need to aim some patter at the parents so they get involved (go and see Shrek and you will see what I mean) a lot flies over the kids head but the adults love it - much better than have them getting bored and then talking at the back!!