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London Magician / Children's Entertainer seeing double

On Monday I had a Magic Show in a nursery in Thronton Heath. It was for their leaving party and I did it last year and it was such a success they invited me back. Again there were about 60 kids raning from 2 - 6. There were also alot of adults. During the show by Magic we managed to make two live white rabbits which went down very well and the line to see them at the end and get their pictures taken with them seemed to go on forever but eventually came to an end.

Yesterday I had a show at the Albrighton Community Centre in Dog Kennel Hill (SE22). It was for a seven year old party and they were a few boistorus boys but once the magic show started they sat and behaved and were very engaged in the whole show. We also had the older sister to come up and help a couple of times - especially getting rid of the stress from her mum!!