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Be a Magician

Amigo's Magic Presents

Be a Magician

Welcome to ‘Be a Magician’, the DVD that teaches you 16 amazing, easy to do tricks.

Using everyday objects such as Playing Cards, Finger Rings, Matchboxes and Cups, you’ll learn some great magic tricks to fool your family and friends, as well as having a lot of fun along the way.

Be a Magician DVD cover

Contents Include:

Find the Lady: The classic card trick where the spectators can’t find the lady!

Reading your Mind: an interactinve illusion that you can follow along to and have YOUR mind read.

The Balancing Glass: Take a playing card and magically balance a glass onto its edge. It’s amzing!

The Four Ace Trick: Make the four aces appear from a regular deck of cards as if by magic!

The Cups and Balls: Now it’s your chance to learn the oldest trick in the world!

Water to Ice: Magically change a cup of water in cubes of ice!

Matchbox Prediction: An amazing trick in which you know exactly what the audience are thinking!

Jumping Rubber Band: Make a rubber band pass through your fingers as if by magic!

The Vanishing Coin: Borrow any coin and make it disappear, you choose if you want to bring it back!

The Haunted Finger Ring: Learn to make a borrows ring move on it’s own UP a rubber band!


60 Amazing Magic Tricks That YOU can do!

And here’s my book that can teach you 60 tricks!

Over 60 Magic Tricks using everyday objects such as Paperclips, Cards and Coins. These tricks use Science, Maths, Spelling and Psychology, and are designed with the Primary School Child in mind.

How to make an order?

Please send a cheque to: “Amigo’s Magic”, 25 Hainthorpe Road, London SE27 0PL”

To buy the DVD please send a cheque for £9.99 plus £2.50 p & p.

To buy the book please send £5 plus £2 p & p.

To buy both please send £12.50 with FREE p & p.