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Birthdays come every year, and to adults, it may seem like another day of the year but to kids, it’s truly their special day where they expect surprises immediately after they wake up. As parents, you may have several things planned for your child’s big day, but if you are unsure of how to make it more special than in previous years, then how about trying Bexley’s Top Children’s Party Magician ?

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magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

At Amigos Magic, we have been organising shows for kids in Bexley for years that include magic and fun games that excite kids. When you bring our magician to your child’s birthday party, we assure you it is going to be a bigger surprise than they anticipated. Whatever theme you plan for the party, we guarantee to conform to that concept and personalise our performance accordingly.

Bexley Children's Magician

For your child’s birthday, it is more than just cakes, presents and photographs; it is about the joy and memories your child can make on their one special day. With us, you can organise unique children shows in Bexley that entertain not only your birthday child but also the guests you have invited for the event. So, give us a call and make your booking today.

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Why should you hire a magician for a children's party?

Children are at the age where everything piques their curiosity, and when it comes to magic, you can see them dropping their jaws with simple street magic tricks. While arranging our childrens magician party entertainers in Bexley, you can ensure our tricks suit the purpose of the birthday theme and will be to the liking of your child, which is going to surprise them once we start to perform. The advanced professional act is guaranteed to entertain!

Through mentalism and illusion, it is effortlessly possible to bring a smile to your child’s face. Our childrens birthday entertainer in Bexley has a mysterious aura surrounding him and can magically pull out a live rabbit from his hat, which is only seen in cartoons. We derive inspiration from all sorts of fantasy movies and stories that can mesmerise children and get them involved in the performance to broaden their social interactions.

Between all this chaos, you wouldn’t want your invited guests to feel left out. It may not be possible for you to go to each one and talk. Let our magicians mitigate that gap for you because our performance leaves no opening for boredom for children and adults alike.

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Simon Rosselli : Expert Magician for Your Birthday Party

Aren’t you curious to know the man behind the acts and performances that are going to mesmerise your guests and make your birthday child feel special? Let us introduce you to our best magician for birthday parties in Bexley, Simon Rosselli, who becomes Simple Simon for children, has years of experience performing sophisticated magic performances for kids and adults that baffle their minds and tricks their eyes.

Entertainment for everyone

We organise a professional birthday party magic show from one hour to two hours, depending on how you would want to alter it. You can make plans on how and when to execute the show, and we are ready to go. An exclusive magic show for your birthday child is bound to make them happy and become the talk of the town over the next few weeks. Simon organises funny and exciting games along with his magic to bring out enthusiasm in your kids.

A unique experience for the children

Simple Simon sometimes needs help with his tricks and might require a helping hand. In such cases, your child and the children present at the birthday party can hop along to make the event successful. If you wish to know more about our birthday party near you in Bexley for a quick booking, then we are only a call away.

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