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Fantastic Children's Magician in Croydon

There are many local celebrations, events, and occasions that require great entertainment. You will rarely find a child who isn’t interested in magic or doesn’t believe in magic. Therefore, finding a highly trained children’s magician in Croydon who can trick even adults will be perfect for the kids.

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

Some occasions are more catered for adults, and kids miss the fun. But all that can be avoided with shows for kids in Croydon with Simon Roselli as your magician. He is known for crafting unique characters and introducing them to the children. His signature character, Amigo, is quite popular among kids.

Croydon Children's Magician

Simon’s children’s magic shows are growing in popularity These aren’t the same repetitive ‘rabbit from the hat’ tricks. Of course, he has a rabbit assistant, but his magic has many unique characteristics and elements.

Children and adults will start believing in magic with his live magic shows. So, whether it is a children’s birthday party, or something else, you can get the best magic show for kids with us. Call today to find out what we have hidden in the magic box for your kids.

Outstanding Children’s Magician For Parties And Events in Croydon

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Hire a Professional Children's Entertainer in Croydon

Why should you hire a magician for a children's party?

Specific skills and much practice go into becoming the best children’s magician party entertainers. You must deal with many children and ensure that each has the most fun and memorable experience. Therefore, only the most passionate magicians can do the job – Just like Simon Roselli.

What is so unique about him? Well, for the starters, he has a character, Amigo. The colourful dressing sense and friendly character introduction help children become more associated with him. Next, children’s magic shows can’t be as easy or straightforward as adults’. They love stories and adventure.

Simon takes them on a beautiful adventure of magic and exploration, and they want more. Many friendly tricks include classic card magic, coin magic, and more. You will see many illusions and brilliant mentalist games designed to cater to children. So, it is sure to make them enjoy it and bring a smile to their face.

Benefits of Learning Magic
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Simon Rosselli : Expert Magician for Your Birthday Party

Apart from the story, magic, and adventure, children also love participation, especially in a magical journey. Simon takes the character of Simple Simon, a silly magical, full of jokes, but when he goes to do the trick, his tricks might need to be fixed.

So, what makes a good magician for a birthday party?

Simple, the children help him perform the trick and become the most worthy assistant for him to complete the trick. This fills each kid with joy because they can believe in magic a little more, and that’s what makes his magic show for a birthday party or any other children’s occasion a worthwhile entertainment masterpiece.

Entertainment for everyone

While it focuses on children, even adults can’t help but feel allured by the magic. If you need a custom show with a professional birthday magician near you, we can help. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us.

A unique experience for the children

As your local magician for a birthday party, we know what everyone wants and how to ensure your child will have a unique, one-of-a-kind show. So, let’s discuss the magician for birthday party cost and help you find the best deals and timing and determine the show’s duration today!

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