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professional Children's Magician in Enfield

Are you planning to hold an event or a party for the kids in your neighbourhood? Then we have got the perfect entertainment for you. Introducing you to our best Children’s Magician in Enfield that involves modern illusion, mentalism and magic that is guaranteed to delight the kids involved in the party. We love adding creative elements to our acts that can motivate kids to engage and interact as much as possible. Utilising their little help and some spells, we unravel mesmerising magic that will be remembered for a long time.

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

Our shows for kids in Enfield are not just limited to a fixed theme; they can vary to suit the likes of the kids. Whether they like superheroes or Disney princes, we can tailor our acts accordingly to make the show exciting and thrilling for the children. So, if you have any particular interest in making the day special and unique, then try magic with Amigos Magic.

Enfield Children's Magician

We host the best children shows in Enfield for many children’s events, and depending on what the theme would be, we have altered our acts to amuse the kids participating. So, contact us today and give the biggest surprise for your upcoming children’s program.

Outstanding Children’s Magician For Parties And Events

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Why should you hire a magician for a children's party?

If you are reading this, then you definitely are looking for ways to arrange the perfect entertainment for your upcoming children’s show. In that case, we will not disappoint you because our expert childrens magician party entertainers in Enfield have arranged varieties of tricks, acts and games that are surely going to entertain the kids in many ways. We develop their childish creativity and unlock their wildest imaginations with our modern magic and illusions.

Children perceive the world in unrealistic ways, and thus, magicians can bring them great delight. So, if you are planning to organise a show or an event for them, then our childrens magician party entertainers have several tricks up their sleeve to mesmerise and excite the children invited to the show. Since magic has a creative element to it, our fun and games are assured to delight them immensely.

If you are organising your child’s birthday party, then don’t limit it to cake and decorations; call for our childrens birthday entertainer in Enfield, with whom you can plan exciting activities and magic tricks that will suit the theme of the birthday party. We can tailor our acts accordingly, so get in touch with us today and make your child’s special day extra amazing.

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Simon Rosselli : Expert Magician for Your Birthday Party

Are you looking to surprise your child on their special day with a fantastic entertainment show that matches their wild imaginations? Then let us introduce you to our professional magician for birthday parties in Enfield, Simon Roselli, who becomes Simple Simon in a hat for children. Simon organises an array of games and acts that involve the help of the birthday child and every child invited to the party, making it a whole lot more delightful.

Entertainment for everyone

Simon runs a one-hour to two-hour magic show for birthday party based on the theme or style the parents decide to throw for their child. Centring attention on the birthday child, Simon will be ready with interactive and fun-filled magic activities that are assured to delight the child. 

A unique experience for the children

Furthermore, the magic he performs mesmerises kids and their parents because Simon conducts a range of tricks involving illusion and mentalism that is assured to blow their minds.

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