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Amigo’s Magic: Children's Magician in London

Welcome to Amigo’s Magic, where every performance by Simon, a distinguished Children’s Magician in London, ensures an enchanting experience for kids throughout the city.

Children's party Magician London
Children's party Magician London
Amigo’s magical shows, workshops, and tailor-made moments are designed to captivate and entertain various age groups. Find the ideal magical entertainment for your child’s party or event here.

Experience the Wonders of a Top-Rated Kid's Illusionist in London!

Embark on a magical adventure that unfolds as Simon becomes Amigo and things go from bad to worse, (much to the delight of the children), so much so that he needs their help to make the magic work as it all goes wrong for him.

With the children’s help everything works out (in the end), but it’s very interactive and children go away feeling that they did the magic

Professional Children's party magician in London

1 Hour Magic Show

What's in the show?

2 Hour Magic Show

Simon does a slightly longer magic show followed by a 10 minute break where the children grab something to eat and drink.

As children grow, so does their sense of wonder.

Amigo’s magic evolves to challenge and intrigue those aged 9 and above. Older kids don’t want to be shouting Abracadabra or Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy anymore and want to see some interactive close up magic which takes place in their hands. 

Rather than mere spectators, they become integral participants in this 1 hour magic show, supported by sophisticated illusions tailored just for them.

Kids Party Magician London

1-Hour Magic Show

What's in the show?

2-Hour Magic Show

After the captivating 1 hour Magic show the children have a short break where the kids can grab something to eat or drink. This is Followed by option A or B:

Don’t Wait

Secure an enchanting experience they won’t forget!

Family Magic Shows

Hire a Professional Children Entertainer in London

Step into the captivating realm of Amigo’s Magic, a premier Children’s and adults Magician for hire in London. Our acclaimed Family Magic Shows are masterfully curated to mesmerise both children and adults alike. Experience the perfect blend of sophisticated magic for adults and thrilling entertainment that kids adore. Let us create unforgettable moments that unite families through shared wonder and enchantment.

Not based in London? Still require a children’s magician?​

Amigo’s Magic can travel

Although based in London Amigo’s Magic can travel to your event. Please enquire directly to discuss the hire prices for travelling shows.

London's Best Virtual Magician for Kids

Amigo’s Magic is now offering virtual magic for kids Parties in London and beyond. I can now host these virtual parties via the Zoom app direct to your Laptop/Phone or Smart Device. These take place in a study in Hogwarts Castle. It’s interactive, fun and Magical, and there is a lot of Audience Participation, with the Birthday child being the star of the show.

Why Choose Amigo’s Magic As Your Children’s Party Magician?

Choosing Amigo’s Magic means entrusting your event to one of London’s most experienced children’s magicians. A member of the esteemed Magic Circle, Simon guarantees a professional service filled with high energy, engagement, and stellar reviews backing every word we say. Whether it’s weaving wonders at birthday parties or conducting mesmerising workshops, expect nothing less than excellence.

Elevate your child’s party into a memorable adventure filled with laughter, amazement, and magical moments they’ll treasure forever. Discover why Simon at Amigo’s Magic is heralded as one of London’s premier choices for children’s entertainment.

Don’t wait; secure an enchanting experience they won’t forget—book today!

Professional Magician for Hire in London


Essential Info for Hiring a Children's Magician in London

What is the cost of hiring a children's magician for an event in London, and are there any additional charges we should be aware of?

The cost of hiring a children’s magician for an event in London can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the performance, the magician’s experience and reputation, as well as any special requests or customisation needed for the show. On average, you can expect to pay between £150 to £500 for a professional children’s magician in London.

Additional charges that you should be aware of may include travel expenses if the magician is required to travel a significant distance to reach your event location. Some magicians might also charge extra for specific props or materials used during the performance, or if there are any special requirements for the show setup. It’s best to discuss all potential costs and any additional charges upfront with the magician to avoid any surprises later on.

Children’s magicians in London can perform at a variety of events and occasions. Some common types of events where children’s magicians are often hired include:

1. Birthday parties
2. School events
3. Holiday parties
4. Community festivals
5. Libraries or bookstores
6. Summer camps
7. Weddings with children in attendance
8. Corporate family fun days
9. Charity events
10. Playgroups or daycare centres

These are just a few examples, but children’s magicians are versatile entertainers who can bring magic and wonder to a wide range of events for kids of all ages. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large public event, a children’s magician can help make the occasion memorable and engaging for everyone involved.

Amigo’s Magic has many happy parent reviews from verified Google users. You can view them here.

We have public liability and are fully CRB (police) Checked. We are also members of THE MAGIC CIRCLE & Equity