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Children's Magic

Party Bags

We now offer a party bag service which has many benefits including:

Value for Money

Almost £5 retail for only £2 per bag.

No Wastage

Pay for the number of bags that you take on the day – this way you don’t end up with extra bags when people drop out or don’t reply or don’t turn up.

Stress and Hassle free

All you do is add the cake.

Party Bag

What's in the bag?


Million Dollar Bills

Amigo’s very own One Million dollar bills.

Magic Wand

For the budding magician.

And up to five other items such as:

*the contents may change depending on availability

Party Bag

Smiley Stretches

Fantastic Elastic Fun! See how far you can stretch them?!

Smiley Poppers

Smiley Poppers

Push them down watch them pop into the air – Great Fun!

Bunny Copter

An Arty Crafty Sheet. Colour the rabbit in, cut it out and throw in the air and it comes down like a helicopter.

Mini Touchable Bubble Magic

Blow the bubbles, then catch them!

Finger Trap

As the fingers are pulled apart, the trap tightens.

Fun Whistle Lips

Place between the lips and let the fun begin!

Don’t Wait

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