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Best Close-Up Magician In Croydon

Are you looking for a world-class close up magician in Croydon? Close up magic is perfect for small groups of people as the magician performs tricks. In some settings, the magician will blend with the crowd and interact with them for the surprise element of the tricks.

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

Close up magic is a captivating experience that can mesmerise and intrigue. The undivided attention of the great close up magician can bring out some phenomenal tricks that will leave your guest amazed. If you’re looking to enhance the appeal of almost any event, get-together, or party, hiring a magician could be a great choice.

The Croydon Close-Up Magician

Simon Roselli can be your close up magician to provide an incredible array of magic that pleasantly surprise the crowd. You’re looking at a mind blowing collection of tricks. From simple table setups to mind reading and telepathy as a mentalist, Simon has mastered the art of magic to bring you next-level entertainment.

A close magician is easy to book for Croydon events. We bring you the most courteous and socially likeable magician with unique characteristics to add flavour to each party. Moreover, every event will have a different approach or tricks. So, you can expect a unique magic show every time.

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Amigos Magic

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Leave Your Crowd Astonished

Magic is about leaving your crowd astonished with some of the best tricks. It should give them a proper surprise while also enthralling them. Magic is about deception, sleight-of-hand, and other clever tricks, so you need a top-tier close hand magician. With us, you can expect some of the best illusions; even the most attentive audience finds themselves mesmerised by the tricks.

The Benefits of A Close Up Magician

How does a close up magician hire help you? Well, your audience, or guest, will appreciate the extra attention followed by brilliant tricks. Simon is well-versed in understanding people and driving out unique tricks that cater to each person’s perspective and personality. Therefore, you can expect great results and a memorable event.

Affrordable Price

If you’re worried about a close up magician price, it is more affordable than you might think. Moreover, you have the flexibility to determine the duration of the magic performance and how often you want the magician to mingle. From simple blends and tricks to full-scale performances, you have many options available. If you’re still unsure, call or reach out to us in any way you deem fit. We will be delighted to answer your queries and help you develop the best budget-friendly options for a close hand magician in Croydon.

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Leading Close-Up Magic Show in Croydon, London

If you’re looking for a passionate magician who loves to perform for people, you have come to the right place.

Easily incorporate a magician into any event in Croydon

The best part about a close up magic show in Croydon is fluidity and the ease of adding it to almost any event. Whether you have a formal event or an intimate party with friends, you can be assured of having fun. Moreover, nobody can ever guess the magician, or the trick, coming. This adds to the element of surprise and spices things at almost any event.

You’re also looking at the array of masterful tricks and techniques, all available to make the occasion more delightful for you. You can expect close up card magic that varies from simple hand tricks, making the card float, to guessing the card. However, they aren’t the cliches you see around. Each trick is personalised according to the guests to give them the best experience possible.

Have you tried close up magic coin tricks? It is more than just making the coin vanish or producing it from the ear. There are many ways to work with the coin, from guessing the heads and tails to blending coins. That’s what makes Simon Roselli a great magician for hire in Croydon.

Corporate event magician for hire
Close hand magician London

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Everyone wants a go at the trick where the magician makes something disappear, and it appears in their pocket or another person’s pocket. Here you find a close hand magician who keeps things engaging and impressive. There is never a dull moment with Amigo’s Magic.

The people’s skill matters with the magic up close, and Simon is great at collaborating with the people. Many surprises exist, from jokes and laughter to vanishing tricks, even changing disguise.

Choose What Tricks You Experience

If you want, you can decide on each trick or act with Simon, or choose to be surprised with a unique and unpredictable close up magic act each time. The most important skill is to keep people engaged, Simon is great at doing so.

Access The Best Close Up Magic

You can access the best close up magic with Simon Roselli and Amigo’s Magic. Whenever you need us, we will be ready to perform. All you need to do is pick up that phone and call or fill our our enquiry form for more information. 

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