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Professional Corporate Magician in Croydon

Adding a corporate magician to a suitable event or setup in Croydon can yield great results. Of course, you wouldn’t add a magician to a meeting with a client. But what if it is a corporate get-together? Or better, what if it is a corporate party? Those occasions can undoubtedly use magic to set the mood, break the ice and lighten everything up.

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

Hiring a magician for a corporate occasion can provide more results than you may realise. Some might think that upholding values and seriousness is pivotal for a meeting, and that’s true. But what if you’re attending a party where everyone from a junior to a senior position is available? How can you avoid that awkwardness? The lack of conversation and the deadly silence can be the bane of such occasions.

Croydon Corporate Magician For Hire

That’s where a corporate magician in Croydon helps you lighten things up. You can break the ice with different employees or employers. Corporate events require someone to break the ice and set up the mood. It isn’t necessarily a host’s job, and if you want someone else to take over, a magician with infinite tricks might be the best choice for you. So, give us a call today.

Corporate magician for hire

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Elevate Your Corporate Party with a Virtual Magician

Why should you hire a virtual magician?

The post-pandemic era has changed how we work or socialise in the corporate world. That’s where a virtual magician for corporate events can come into play, especially for video-related or online meetings. 

The most astounding tricks are the ones done as a mentalist. A corporate virtual magic show can witness significant growth and boost people’s morale. It is like hiring an interactive show or platform to have endless fun. All this is possible in the comfort of your home or wherever you decide to have the video party or conferencing.

You don’t have to worry about simple tricks, either. These will be elaborative and well-crafted illusions and magic worth the wait. Simon is a great magician wedding corporate party individual that can bring you some of the most creative tricks. What’s best is the fact that no trick is the same.

Corporate event magician for hire

Best Magical Corporate Shows in Croydon

What is the purpose of a corporate party? It is to boost the morale of your employees. Moreover, it gives them a chance to get to know each other. Networking and impression can help them in the long run. However, there can be many barriers or plenty of ice to break. That’s where a top-tier corporate magic show can come into play.

Small or Large Occasions

It gives everyone something to talk about, and the conversation will flow so effortlessly that nobody will feel like anything is forced. A magician corporate event can be memorable, especially if you want to stand out as a host for such events. There is never an age limit for anyone to enjoy the magic. With so many unique tricks and standalone shows, you can add uniqueness and exclusivity to your shows.

Sleight of hand and mind-reading

What’s even better? You can hire a mentalist for a corporate event that will spice things up. You’re looking at a person who will trick people and easily manipulate them into tricks without them knowing. Where you wish to add a surprise element, mesmerise guests with magic tricks, or add conversation starters and icebreakers, Simon Roselli can help you with all the possibilities.

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