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Magic of Maths

Magic of Maths is a fun packed education show based all around numbers. It goes into probability, chance and odds, using everyday objects such as coins, cards, colouring pens and dice and gets the children to work out the odds.

As it’s engaging, interactive and most importantly fun, the children go away not only having learnt a lot but also with a much greater understanding on the subject – as well as changing their perception to the subject as a whole. By using everyday objects and putting them in real situations, that they can see and use, it really brings the whole subject to life. We also cover other fun anomalies in Maths – such as The Magic Square.

Magic of Maths normally runs over a double lesson and has been given for year groups, combined year groups and even the whole school. It’s interactive and engaging and something that will open up their way of thinking and perceptions Maths as a whole.

“We have had the magic of maths at Streatham High on a number of occasions and the students really enjoyed the experience as it was very different to the maths taught in the classroom.

The sessions were lively, interesting and challenging which the girls really enjoyed and there were lots of hands on activities which gave a real buzz to the girls.

On the other hand , the teachers also had a very positive experience as the they thought that the tasks stimulated the students to think a lot deeper into the subject and they also loved it as it was full of fun activities which made maths more enjoyable.”

S Aslam

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