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The wedding is the day everyone plans out a list of things to do and whom to invite. However, have you thought about the time intervals and gaps where your guests would be sitting idle and probably running out of topics to talk about? In such cases, entertainment is a necessity and planning it out well is important. Our professional wedding magician in Bexley ensures all your guests are attended to and happy.

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

Most wedding organisers leave entertainment as the last item on the list or as an act decided upon at the spur of the moment. However, engaging with all your guests is next to impossible because there can be quite a lot for the bride and groom to do, such as shooting wedding videos or taking photographs. Through our Bexley wedding magician, all your guests will remain upbeat, accompanied by joy and laughter at all times.

Bexley Wedding Magician

What more can our magician add to your wedding? Since magicians or magic shows are limited to access, hiring our talented wedding magician near you in Bexley will surely bring high spirits among your guests and a smile to their faces when they leave after the program. So, don’t settle for anything less and get in touch with us today!

Londons finest Wedding magician, Simon Rosselli

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Magician for Bexley Wedding Reception with Simon Roselli

Never a dull moment if you have a magician

Usually, weddings, though planned beforehand, can go through delays in between that can make the crowd slump and have trouble striking conversations. Such interruptions can always add sweetness to the moment when you hire our London magician to entertain you and your crowd. While the delay gets sorted, we ensure your guests don’t feel the pause and are occupied with having fun with our magician.

A front row for magic shows is hard to get, let alone getting magicians to perform at your table. By arranging the best wedding magic show in Bexley, you can amuse your guests because our experienced magicians can perform close-hand acts that are rarely seen and can mesmerise your audience. The magician we so highly talk about is none other than Simon Roselli, who is experienced in performing professional acts that set the room alight.

Looking for a creative magician for wedding entertainment in Bexley? Then we can provide you with fun and friendly magicians who can diffuse the awkwardness or boredom in the room during breaks and make rounds entertaining your guests. To know more about our service and to personalise it to the likes of your guests, contact us anytime, and we will gladly give you quick tours of our acts and performances.

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Hire a Wedding Magician for Your Wedding in Bexley

The duration of your wedding is limited, but within the short time frame, you wish to make memories enough to be remembered for a lifetime. It is not just the photographs but the overall atmosphere of your auspicious day. There is nothing like entertainment that lightens the mood and fills it with happiness and excitement. Adding spice to it with our expert close up wedding magician in Bexley, that adds mystery and action to his tricks that delight the guests and the wedding couple alike.

Catering To Everyone In Your Audience

Magic always get people to the edge of their seat, and to make it much more interesting, we perform it right in front of your eyes. Our magician hire for weddings in Bexley can be booked and asked to perform stunning tricks that are jaw-dropping and funny at the same time. Interacting with the entire crowd in the room, we make sure even the most silent one enjoys their time at your wedding.

Affordable Wedding Magician

One scenario that magicians are experts at dissolving is the awkwardness between family and friends from either side of the wedding couple. After a couple of general topics, it can become uncomfortably silent. Our magicians can ignite a bond between the two groups through our acts and bring them together. If you are worried about our cost, then let us assure you it is highly cost-effective.

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