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A wedding is a beautiful event of love, and you can turn it into a complete wonderland with Simon Rosselli as your Wedding Magician in Croydon. A magician can help you set the ambience for all your wedding guests. 

magician act in London available for hire
magician act in London available for hire

A Croydon Wedding Magician can help you divert attention and make something beautiful from the setup. It is a perfect way to turn your wedding into a memorable one. Everyone loves to have a wedding worth remembering. For most, their dream occasion comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, we are here to help you make the best of it.

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Are you worried about organising and discussing everything? We take care of it all with our experience. We understand the challenges of managing a wedding and how you might not want to add a magician on top of it all. Therefore, we make it easier by bringing you the most organised wedding magician in London. So, call us today if you want to amplify the magic in the air during a holy unison of two souls.

Londons finest Wedding magician, Simon Rosselli

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Magician for Wedding Reception with Simon Roselli

Why should you hire a magician for a wedding?

As you already know, there is a surprise element and entertainment. You can also make your wedding memorable. However, there’s one more thing – it can help families and people come closer. Magic can add a uniquely intimate experience without making things awkward for people.

Simon Roselli is known for bringing the best for a wedding magic show. He can add a unique character with a distinguished and memorable personality. Therefore, the guests will have fun and enjoy a rather charming experience. There are options like the Mix and Mingle Magic, Children’s magic, or Table Magic, among other options, readily available.

For countless other reasons, the courteous Simon Roselli is also known as the top-tier magician for wedding entertainment. He seems to never run out of tricks, and as illusion is necessary for the best magic tricks, he is known for being the most deceptive individual. From mentalist tricks and telepathy to the awestruck moments, you can be sure to have a delightful experience.

From a positive experience to a relaxing one, Simon helps you set the right mood according to the wedding theme and the people. So, if you need the best magician in Croydon for weddings, you have come to the right place.

Corporate event magician for hire

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Imagine looking at the photographs that captured the tricks you can’t understand during the wedding. It can help you just cherish that moment. After all, it isn’t easy setting up the entertainment for the guests, but a close up wedding magician can help you seal the deal.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable magician to hire for weddings, you have some of the best options available with us. You can discuss the package, the budget, and more. From deciding the tricks, one-of-one, mix and mingle, and table events to more, many options are available.

Catering To Everyone In Your Audience

Guests at the wedding have varying ages, from children to elders, and everyone deserves tricks to their liking. Simon is well-trained and a perceptive magician to be able to cater to everyone’s requirements in wedding receptions.

Affordable Wedding Magician

So, if you’re ever troubled regarding the cost of a magician for a wedding, we can help you make them disappear, just like our tricks and more. If you want to highlight the auspicious occasion, we are well prepared to help you. Whatever you need, Simon is a highly talented individual who can help you steer the wedding on the right path.

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