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What is The Magic Circle?

What is The Magic Circle?

Have you ever wondered, “What is The Magic Circle?” This prestigious institution, founded in 1905 by amateur and master magicians, is a sanctuary where the art of magic thrives. Known for its motto “Indocilis Privata Loqui” (Not apt to disclose secrets), The Magic Circle stands as a beacon of secrecy and skill in the magical community.

A glimpse into The Magic Circle’s history

The founding and early years

The Magic Circle’s story is as captivating as the illusions its members create. In 1906, David Devant became the first president. 

His innovative magic performances set the stage for the organisation’s future, but his decision to reveal magical secrets led to his expulsion. This incident highlights The Magic Circle’s strict adherence to secrecy.

David Devant Magic Circle

Maskelyne and The Magic Circular

Equally influential was Neville Maskelyne, who edited the first issue of ‘The Magic Circular’, the organisation’s official publication. His work helped build a community of magicians who shared insights, techniques, and celebrated achievements, fostering a collaborative environment. 

Nevil Maskelyne Magician

Beyond contributions to the world of magic, Maskelyne’s family legacy includes tales of his son, Jasper Maskelyne’s wartime efforts, where it is said he used his skills to create elaborate illusions for military purposes. Stories suggest he designed fake tanks, cities, and even entire armies to deceive enemy forces, Adding a layer of mystique and intrigue to his family’s already fascinating exploits.

Evolution and inclusivity: The Magic Circle’s transformation

From all-male to inclusive membership

Since its inception in the UK, The Magic Circle has evolved significantly. Originally an all-male society, it welcomed women members in 1991, marking a new era of diversity and representation within the magic community. Over time, The Magic Circle expanded its reach globally but has retained its headquarters in London. Today, The Magic Circle boasts a global membership of around 1,500 individuals, with many members spread out over 38 countries.

These international members actively contribute to the organisation by hosting events, participating in global competitions, and sharing their unique cultural perspectives on magic. Their involvement ensures that The Magic Circle remains a dynamic and inclusive community, fostering innovation and maintaining strong connections within the global magic community.

Embracing Diversity in Magic

This transformation reflects The Magic Circle’s commitment to nurturing talent across gender lines, enriching the magical arts with diverse perspectives and skills.

A treasure trove of Magic: The museum & library

The Magic Circle’s museum

What is The Magic Circle without its treasures? The Museum & Library houses a fascinating collection of magical artefacts. Among its prized possessions are Chung Ling Soo’s iconic rifle and Houdini’s cherished props, bridging gaps between reality and enchantment.

The Young Magicians Club

The Magic Circle also supports budding enthusiasts through the Young Magicians Club, catering to ages 10-18. This vibrant community helps young talents hone their craft and form lasting connections with like-minded individuals, ensuring the future of magic is in capable hands.


Influential members and global reach

Notable Members of The Magic Circle

What is The Magic Circle without its influential members? The roster includes renowned magicians and notable figures like King Charles III and Dynamo. Their association with the society showcases the universal appeal of magic.

The Magic Circle’s impact worldwide

Through events, publications, and outreach programmes, The Magic Circle preserves magic traditions while fostering innovation. It serves as a hub where knowledge is shared, new talents are nurtured, and magical experiences are celebrated globally.


Conclusion: The enduring legacy of The Magic Circle

As we reflect on The Magic Circle’s rich history and its impact on the world of magic, it becomes evident that this institution stands as a symbol of dedication, secrecy, and skill. It represents a tradition upheld by generations of magicians who inspire wonder and mystery in audiences. In an ever-changing world, The Magic Circle remains a steadfast beacon for those enchanted by the artistry of magic.

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Discover the Magic

Whether you are a seasoned magician, an aspiring talent, or simply a lover of magic, The Magic Circle offers a unique glimpse into a world where reality and illusion intertwine. Explore their rich history, marvel at their collections, and consider joining a community dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of magic. You can also find a magician available for hire from The Magic Circle near you, bringing a touch of wonder and enchantment to your next event. Step inside The Magic Circle, where every corner holds a new wonder waiting to be discovered.

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